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School Safety Planning Resources for the Upcoming 2022-2023 School Year

Please use these documents to assist in back-to-school emergency response planning: 

School Safety Training Calendar- This document is to be used to assist schools and schools districts with planning for future school safety training and exercises initiatives throughout the academic year.   School Safety Training Calendar 

School Safety Drill Guidance - This document is a collaboration between the Agency of Education and the Division of Fire Service that details the fire drill and options based response to an active shooter drill requirements. Drill Guidance

Back to School Safety Checklist – This document is to be used by schools and school districts as a “quick reminder” of the important back to school safety and security information  to be shared with faculty and staff. This document also should be used as a guide for the testing and evaluation of physical security technology being used in schools and possible outreach recommendations with local emergency first responders.  Back to School Safety Checklist

School Safety Emergency Information Guide for Parents and Guardians – This document can/should be shared with your parent community to educate and inform them on their roles and responsibilities during a school emergency.  School Safety Emergency Information Guide for Parents and Guardians

School Safety Tipline – This document is designed to educate and inform faculty, staff and students on the state’s school safety anonymous reporting system. Schools and school districts should ensure their communities are aware of this valuable violence prevention tool. Posters/signs are available for downloading that describe the tiplne and schools should consider posting these resources in classrooms and all other education spaces.    School Safety Tip Line   Tip Line Posters for Printing Posters

Emergency Response Action Guide with Response Protocols – This document is designed to be placed in every classroom and is intended to be used as a quick reminder for students, faculty and staff on the possible protective actions to be taken in a variety of different emergencies.    Emergency Response Actions with Response Protocols