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School Safety Planning


Recommended School Safety Best Practices

School Emergency Operations Plan

All Vermont School Districts should develop and maintain a “school specific” Emergency Operations Plan that conforms to the principles of the National Incident Management System. This plan should be reviewed and updated annually by school leadership and should include the essential procedures, operations and assignments that are required to plan, prepare, mitigate, respond and recover from an emergency/disaster.  Schools are encouraged to work with their emergency first response community and local/regional emergency management officials to assist in the development of the school’s Emergency Operations Plan.  

In the absence of a fully developed Emergency Operations Plan, each school should utilize the Vermont School Crisis Planning Guide as their school’s Emergency Operations Plan.

Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) Template


Vermont School Crisis Guide

The Vermont School Crisis Guide is an all-hazards approach to school emergency preparedness.  This guide has been developed and revised over several years by the Vermont School Crisis Planning Team  with input from principals, superintendents, first responders, school counselors, mental health professionals, and state agencies.

Vermont School Crisis Guide in Microsoft Office

Vermont School Crisis Guide in Google Drive

Vermont School Crisis Guide in PDF (Note: This version cannot be edited)

If you have any questions about School Safety Planning, please email Sunni Eriksen